Stone Pillars are decorative features that add an element of strength and beauty to a driveway entrance, walkway, front porch portico, pavilion or pergola. Pillar widths, heights and material are chosen to compliment the architecture of the home.
Seat walls are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They are low walls that will offer additional space for seating, add a sense of enclosure and offer a barrier to create a distinction between different areas and outdoor rooms. Seat walls surrounding that favourite fountain or water feature will also help create that great focal point.
Retaining walls are often necessary when a property has sloping terrain and dramatic changes in elevation. Retaining walls can be used to support a raised patio, garden beds, or an eroding hillside. They will last for many years and perform as intended provided construction of the wall is structurally sound.
Masonry walls are constructed on concrete grade beams or footings to ensure they will uphold frost and thaw conditions due to our climate changes. Precast retaining walls are built on a gravel base. They are back filled with gravel and includes weeping tiles to allow for proper water drainage, in order to avoid damage caused by hydrostatic pressure

Darsan Contracting can also construct impressive stone feature such as stone barbeque surrounds and outdoor stone fireplaces right in your own back yard.