A successful landscape project always starts with a well thought out landscape design. Darsan’s award winning landscape designers will provide you with a custom landscape design that will maximize the potential of your outdoor living space.

The landscape designers at Darsan Contracting will listen carefully to your wants and needs. They work closely with you through the design process to develop a final master plan that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. Our group of experts collaborate to ensure that the concept stage evolves into an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment.

Our landscape design package includes a final landscape design that is labelled, printed to scale, and hand coloured. We also offer landscape design packages that may include fully rendered 3D plans, inspirational pictures and plant care packages.

A well thought out landscape design serves as the framework that will improve on neglected or under used areas of your property. If your current landscaping is in need of updating, no longer suits your needs, or you just moved into a new home and you are working with a blank slate, call Darsan Contracting to book an initial consultation with one of our creative and qualified landscape designers:  416 633 3300.

When you hire Darsan Contracting, the finished product will portray the vision the landscape designer and the homeowners imagined.