Darsan Contracting recognizes that an inground swimming pool is a long term investment which will increase the value of your home as well as provide years of enjoyment with family and friends.

It is important to become well informed on the different inground swimming pool construction methods. Darsan’s landscape designers will help you determine the type of pool (concrete or vinyl lined), placement, size, shape, and finishing materials that best suit your needs and budget. There are a variety of options available for upgrading a basic pool such as spill over spas, vanishing edges, sheer descent water features, waterfalls, swim up bars, and swim benches. The options are numerous and the fun and enjoyment will be immeasurable.

There are two types of concrete pools; gunite and shotcrete. Gunite is a dry mixture of sand and cement which is pumped out through a hose using specialized machinery and compressed air. The dry mixture meets water in the hose as it is sprayed onto the pool’s steel walls and is used to form the strong and durable concrete shell of the pool. Shotcrete is a concrete mixture that is premixed at a concrete plant to the required specifications. It is sprayed onto the pool’s steel walls creating one continuous strong surface. Once the gunite or shotcrete shell has dried, the interior surface of the pool is then finished with a Marbelite coating. Marbelite is a plaster finish that adds colour and texture and is hand trowelled to provide a smooth but slip resistant finish.

Vinyl lined swimming pools are built using high quality galvanized steel walls that have been computer engineered. A concrete floor surface is installed. The steel walls are custom fitted with a 30 ml to 40 ml durable vinyl liner.

The inground swimming pool construction process will include layout, excavation, grading, forming and installation of the pool walls, bottom, plumbing, and co-ordinating final inspections. Choosing a reputable swimming pool company with a good history, references, and technically competent experts, will ensure a worry-free inground swimming pool construction experience. By using innovative and unique designs along with industry leading construction techniques, top rated pool equipment and accessories, we can create the backyard retreat you've been dreaming of.