Darsan's knowledgeable and experienced landscape designers will provide you with an innovative and impressive landscape design that will serve as the framework for your successful landscape project. When you hire Darsan Contracting, the finished product will portray the vision the landscape designer and the homeowners imagined.

Creating a unique space with visual interest for relaxing and entertaining with family and friends, is what the owners of this older but distinguished home had in mind. 

In order to seamlessly accommodate a variety of features and amenities on their wish list, most of the existing elements were removed and every square inch of space was utilized. Darsan's landscape designers put together a plan that included an open sided covered entertaining space equipped with a T.V. and fireplace, barbeque and bar area covered with a pergola, several dining and lounging areas, and a deck. 

Construction of a new Kayu deck, adorned the entire length of the house. The weather proofed underside provided coverage which allowed our clients to enjoy the backyard even on those wet days. This deck boasted a sunken hot tub, personal cooking / dining area, and a lounging space. A glass railing gave our clients a clear view to the beautifully manicured backyard. A custom iron spiral staircase anchored the end enabling easy access to the ground level. 

An Owen Sound barbeque surround with granite counter top was covered by a hand crafted cedar pergola that was strategically placed adjacent to the entertaining space. A unique element was added with a retractable awning, affixed to the covered area which reached over the pergola providing shade when fully extended. 

The existing vinyl pool was refurbished and Owen Sound Ebel coping was installed. Trafalgar by Permacon was used for the pool decking / patio area. To further enhance the surrounding area a variety of plants were added. 

To add curb appeal, Darsan gave the front of the property a face lift. A decorative curved garden wall in Owen Sound coursing stone was added as well as the front steps and landing in Owen Sound flagstone. 

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