A well-executed landscape design will add curb appeal, provide proper leisure facilities, and create a visually pleasing environment, while addressing existing functional conflicts..

The landscape design process can be exciting and challenging. Darsan’s award winning landscape designers will create practical and functional concepts and landscape designs that will help turn your vision and dream into a reality. There has never been a more perfect time to plan your dream landscape. A place where you can come together in the beautiful outdoors to relax, entertain and enjoy all the amenities you desire.

Outdoor living spaces are considered an extension of your indoor living rooms. The front yard should be welcoming and inviting as it is the outdoor entry space or foyer. Stone pillars and iron gates can mark the driveway entrance. Decorative stone inlays, borders, patterns and textures can add interest to an existing asphalt driveway. A courtyard with a seat wall can provide a front yard sitting area, while a walkway and custom cedar arbour will lead your guests through the side gardens. The backyard can include an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and spa, cabana, as well as dining and lounging patios. The options are numerous and these spaces can be incorporated into your landscape designs, in an imaginative yet practical way. Darsan's landscape designs can create an exterior retreat that will enhance the quality and enjoyment of time spent at home with family and friends.

Darsan's award winning landscape designers will create a practical and functional landscape design. Our stone masons and carpenters will build your outdoor living spaces and make your landscape design come to life.