Pergolas can be built as freestanding structures or they can be attached to the house. They are secured into the ground with posts and columns built on concrete footings. Pergolas do not have a solid roof. They are constructed above a patio or deck and are designed to provide relief from direct sunlight, while allowing air to circulate freely. Factors like spacing between cross beams and rafters will have a very significant impact on the amount of sun protection. A pergola can be built above a hot tub, dining area or along the side of a pool to provide a shaded lounging area. If you wish to make your pergola into a private sanctuary you can add a lattice privacy screen to one or more sides, or drape outdoor fabric or curtains near each post.

Custom carpentry, beveled edges and decorative trim can add to the flare of the design. Wooden posts can be embellished with brick, stone pedestals or round fiberglass columns. Matching the architecture of your home when selecting posts or columns will help add to the overall style of the yard.

Pavilions and gazebos are complete outdoor rooms built with a solid roof structure to provide shelter from direct exposure of sun and rain. They can consist of cooking, dining and entertaining areas, which include a fireplace, T.V., sound system and specialized lighting.   A high vaulted cathedral style interior roof provides additional height and offers the option of installing ceiling fans. Drop ceilings allow the installation of pot lights. Interior roof rafters and beams can be left exposed for a more rustic look or they can be finished with cedar boards. Our innovative and unique concepts combine comfort, function and style. With our expertise and your needs in mind, we can create unique outdoor lifestyles and experiences with every design.