Swimming Pool Waterfalls are sophisticated rock formations that are capable of producing a wide range of water effects to suit any mood or environment. Factors to consider when designing are features such as divided or single streams, arc of the water and water flow. Swimming pool waterfalls are built to compliment the property’s natural surroundings and pool size. The sights and sounds of nature are brought into your backyard creating your very own oasis. Not only will it add value to your home but it will undoubtedly beautify it.

A natural rock Grotto is one of the ultimate water features you can add to your inground swimming pool. A grotto is designed to look like a cave or sheltered cove. Include a swim bench under the grotto and imagine sitting underneath as water cascades down right in front of your eyes.

A Vanishing Edge swimming pool gives the appearance of endlessness like an ocean horizon. This water feature allows the water to flow over one side of the pool, into a lower trough. The water is then pumped through a filter and back into the main swimming pool.

Deck Jets create glistening arcs of water from your deck into your swimming pool. These translucent streams of water can be brilliantly coloured with LED or fiber optic lighting. This will make the most of your water feature both in the day and night time. The result is elegant and stunning.

Water Gardens can be integrated into your landscape design and existing surroundings to create a natural and realistic feeling. Natural style water gardens are designed to create the illusion of a stream with a waterfall. The look of a naturally formed stream is created by incorporating Armour stone boulders (in a variety of sizes and shapes), flatter, thinner pieces of flagstone, together with a bed of river rocks. The careful placement and arrangement of stones can fine tune the sound of the waterfall that you prefer. You may want the splashing sound of water cascading over a waterfall or perhaps the soft, soothing, trickling sound of water to create a relaxing atmosphere. Splashes of colour are added by including an assortment of lush plant material.

Contemporary style water features are typically geometrical, using straight lines and right angles. Usually, a modern shaped water feature is tucked in the corner of a property or patio, making an L-shape appropriately fitting. A contemporary water feature can be built inground or raised above ground. Multi-level stone retaining walls or poured concrete walls can be used to create a more modern appearance. Water can then gently and smoothly spill over into a lower basin creating a soothing and peaceful sound.

Formal style water features are usually placed at the end of a path or in the center of a patio in order to create a focal point within the landscape design. They are symmetrical and common shapes are square, rectangle, circular or hexagon. Fountains or statues can be placed within a formal water feature to add interest or create an ornate appearance. Planting should include small boxwood hedging or plants that are uniform in shape, size and colour and placed in repeating patterns.