Western Red Cedar is the most common choice for deck builders and home owners. Cedar is softwood that does not need to be treated with chemicals to withstand the outdoor elements. It has unique, natural characteristics that bring warmth and longevity to a deck.

Composite deck materials are environmentally friendly, made of recycled plastics and recycled wood chips. They have the same look and feel of wood but will not crack, warp or peel and are easy to clean. Composite decking requires minimal maintenance.

Iron Wood Decking, also called IPE, is a beautiful wood from South America. IPE wood is an incredibly strong, dense and durable hardwood. It is naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather. It is dark brown in color, like a mahogany, and has the beauty of interior hardwood flooring. Over time, it fades to a light grey color due to sun exposure but the color can be brought back to its original shade by power washing and by applying a periodic application of UV protective coating.

Deck railings and pickets can be tailored and should complement the architecture of the house and the elements in the landscape design. Railings come in an assortment of styles, colors and finishes. Cedar, aluminum, and tempered glass are all options to be discussed and considered. Your deck can be customized to include privacy screens, a pergola, a covered roof structure, seating benches, and planter boxes. Lights can be installed within the decking, steps, and on top of the railings and posts. Lighting will enhance the ambiance and safety of your deck.
Waterproofing the underside of your deck will allow you to comfortably use the space under a high deck for additional seating and patio area. Water drainage systems divert the water away to create a dry space below the deck.

Note: Structural beams and posts must be pressure treated wood in accordance with the building code.